4Ocean and The Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

During our second exam this semester our group was assigned to find an organization that was working on one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. A collection of 17 goals to help fight for the environment, peace, justice and reducing poverty among other things. After doing some research we finally landed on 4Ocean, a company i had never heard of before but was excited to learn more about and to promote.

4ocean Co-Founders Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze Named Forbes 30 ...

4Ocean is a for-profit organization established in 2017 in Florida, USA. The main profits comes from selling their merchandise like bracelets, cups and hats. These products are all made from environmentally sourced and recycled material such as plastic found in the ocean. Each article of merchandise is branded with the 4Ocean logo to show people you have done your part in the fight against pollution. A portion of the profits made from these sales goes to removing one pound of plastic for each bracelet sold, creating a recycling loop to generate more bracelets -> profits -> recycling -> bracelets -> (…)

They do not accept donations which means they heavily rely on sales of aforementioned products. The organization is relatively new but has already started cleanup operations in Florida, Bali and Haiti. In our assignment we were tasked to address the digital marketing aspect of our chose organization. How they handle business, marketing, sales and other challenges in a massive digital and online world.

4Ocean is primarily working on UN Development goal 13. and 14. by doing what they are dedicated to do. Plastic is a huge problem for life below water, from plastics that can choke and hurt the intestines of animals to microplastics being spread across our oceans. By cleaning large bodies of water covered in garbage, 4Ocean is helping the earth by taking climate action and making life under water safer. Not only do they clean up with their own crew, boats and equipment, they also inspire younger generations to follow a greener alternative and to not litter. They show us why it’s important to care for the environment and what ends up happening if we don’t.

On a more personal note, i find their work very important and lifesaving, not only for the life below water, but for people living near these beaches and the workers living off the ocean. The way we are spreading climate awareness today may sometimes come off as “impending doom”, but 4ocean instead focuses on making the earth clean, one step at a time, and we can all lend a hand.


4Ocean Official Website

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